Why LifeWay’s Gospel Project has no video

People obviously enjoy video-based Bible study curricula, and such resources can have a place in an individual’s practice of his faith. Many ask me about their use, and under what circumstances they are appropriate.

LifeWay’s The Gospel Project series of adult, young adult, and kids’ curricula does not incorporate video.

During a simulcast on the project held March 14, LifeWay’s Ed Stetzer responded to a question regarding their decision, and his answer is relevant to any church’s — and any member’s — evaluation of video-based curricula. Paraphrased, Stetzer said:

We not only want to encourage learning by members, but also teaching in the local church.

In other words, video-based lessons could certainly facilitate learning, but they do nothing to facilitate the raising up and training of teachers, and they do not contribute toward the healthy circumstance in which local mouths other than the preacher’s are speaking gospel truth to members.

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