Whose News?

Coverage of recent explosive and compelling stories around the world raises questions about how news is deemed “news.”

In the most recent cycle, we were exposed to dramatic and compelling images of uprisings and public revolt in various middle eastern countries. But that was only news, apparently, until Wisconsin.

Media smelt the Wisconsin cheese and reported on absconding congressmen, picketing (rioting?) union members, bullets on the grounds, and damage to state property. Comparisons were made, interestingly, between the Wisconsin governor and Egyptian President Mubarek, though by that time Mubarek was “old news.”

Wisconsin’s cheese quickly became moldy when Japan suffered a violent earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster.

Now that Momar Ghadafi (how many ways are there to spell his name, anyway?) provides a composite picture of fallen rock star, favorite villain, and cartoon figure, Libya has loomed large and puts all other world events in the proverbial shadow.

Are people still rising up in the middle east? Are states like Wisconsin still facing drastic budget problems? Is Japan still suffering?

According to the news media, not enough to matter.

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