What do you really think about wealth?

ReviewMoney, Possessions and Eternity (Randy Alcorn: Tyndale 2003)

If you don’t want to be challenged regarding your beliefs, attitudes and actions regarding a Christian’s use of money, don’t read this book.

This has been out for several years, but is nevertheless a thorough and biblical look at what Christian’s should think about money, and how we should think about money. Alcorn leaves virtually no subject untouched in his call for believers to approach wealth and possessions with a view to building up treasures in heaven, rather than on earth. And no one’s ox remains ungored as he calls on us to examine whether we truly trust God for our daily provision, or whether our blind acceptance of western wealth practices reveals that we really trust in Mammon.

Alcorn’s treatment of the subject tends toward lengthy, with several appendices as well, but one should remember that this is as thorough a treatment as you are likely to find.

Worth a read, but be sitting down when you do.

Rating: 5/5

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