Week 20 Review

THE WORLD ENDS MAY 21 according to Harold Camping. For the astute reader, that’s tomorrow. If you’ve yet to pay some bills for this month, why bother? Don’t fill up the tank today, either: surely gas will be much cheaper in the consummated kingdom. Then again, if you’re hedging…

STEPHEN HAWKING SAYS that heaven is a ‘fairy tale’ for people who are ‘afraid of the dark.’

HEALTH CARE WAIVERS granted by the Obama Administration are being passed out like candy at a parade. But apparently the floats only pass by the congressional districts of loyal Democrats and party hacks, since we learn how many businesses in Nancy Pelosi’s district got waivers. In a measure touted as necessary to ensure that everyone receives health care, isn’t the granting of waivers itself a tacit admission that it isn’t truly as crucial as supposed?

MONTY PYTHON may not be your usual cup of tea, but you have to give props to their skit, “Ministry of Silly Walks.” But be forewarned: this is slapstick, and dated British slapstick, at that. Sensible wives tend not to appreciate physical comedy, but rest assured that 12 year old boys (and their fathers) find it irresistible. Be sure to watch it before the end of the world tomorrow.

PRESIDENT OBAMA’S CALL for Israel to return to its 1967 borders, effectively giving back land secured in the Six Day War, might start a new trend in international diplomacy. France might call on the U.S. to give the original thirteen colonies back to England, for example. Canada might call on England and Australia to vacate territory to the Aborigines. Russia could ask Mexico to give its property back to the Aztecs…well, no one said this game of international musical chairs was going to be easy.

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