Week 19 Top 5 (or so)

“Top” is relative. To what, you ask? Whatever strikes me. Here’s what did this week:

BEN LADEN’S DEAD (unless you insist on seeing the photos and DNA results), and his now leaderless cohorts are vowing to “avenge” his death. Yet it is difficult to find a discernable difference between the simple terrorist killing of the Great Satan’s minions and terrorist killing of the Great Satan’s minions in revenge for Ben Laden. One suicide bomber resembles the next, as it were.

THE NATIONAL DEBT LIMIT has not been raised, and lo, the world is still rotating on its axis, contrary to the doomsday predictions of Treasury Secretary Tim Geitner and others. Such prognositications are akin to telling your lender that your credit limit must go up, or you will default on payments because continuing to ride your 4-wheeler, eat at fancy restaurants, and drive expensive cars are too important to give up.

GASOLINE IS $3.72 TODAY, and I paid $3.83 for a gallon of store-brand 2% milk. Despite protestations to the contrary, the government refuses to allow offshore drilling through its moratorium in the wake of the Gulf spill whose oil we can’t seem to find (perhaps the Coelacanth ate it), food prices are rising, and we are burning corn in our gas tanks. “Hungry, kid? Here, eat this crude oil.”

RADICAL TOGETHER by David Platt hit my bookshelf. I’m sure it will be patently superfluous, but a review will be forthcoming.

I FEEL SAFER ALREADY knowing that the TSA has prevented a toddler from boarding a commercial flight with any sort of “diaper bomb.”

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