The Good, the Bad, and the Hopelessly Inconsistent

No one ever accused American society of being consistent.Even so, recent manifestations of our tendency toward thoughtless contradictions in public life are worthy of mention. Here are a few:


SUPER BIG GULP (Photo credit: Majiscup – The Papercup & Sleeve)

BAD for adults in New York to purchase a Big Gulp; GOOD for minors to receive an abortion without parental consent.BAD for an adult to have more than seven bullets in his gun; GOOD for Homeland Security to have a billion bullets (and counting), and the Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt to have U.S. tanks and weapons.

BAD that a woman wouldn’t have control over her “reproductive health”; GOOD that U.S. citizens won’t have control over their own health under Obamacare.

BAD for citizens to take on more debt than they can repay; GOOD for government to spend like druken sailors and take on more debt than our grandchildren can repay (my apologies for the insult to druken sailors).

BAD for citizens to have more money than is necessary for basic provisions; GOOD for other citizens to demand more than basic provisions from them.

BAD for Americans to use excess fossil fuels; GOOD for Al Gore to sell Current TV to Al-Jazeera.

BAD for public school students to learn about the Christian religion, which teaches absolutes, the judgment of God, service to others and “thou shalt not kill”; GOOD for those students to curse teachers with impunity and be expelled for making finger guns.

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