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Suppressing speech with “speech”; good words for speaking; leaving marriage; recognizing genocide…

Free Speech to Suppress Speech

Hecklers and protesters succeeded in shutting down a Donald Trump rally, and adversely affect another.

Some claim that such protests constitute successes for free speech, missing the irony and hypocrisy. Pundits justified the actions in view of Trump’s hateful rhetoric, and some viewed the protesters’ behavior as “civil disobedience.”

Whether you like Trump or not, and regardless of the point your politics occupies on the spectrum, this approach to discourse in the public square — both from Trump and in response to him — should trouble you.

A Link for Logophiles

If you like words, and appreciate using the perfect word for the occasion, you’ll enjoy this list of words about words from Grammarly.

Getting Out of Marriage

The State Senate in Alabama (my home state), amid lingering controversy over probate judges’ refusal to grant marriage licenses to homosexual couples, voted to quit issuing marriage licenses at the state level. Under the law, probate judges would only record the marriage contracts already entered between couples.

Killing Christians

The mass killing of Christians and other minorities by ISIS has finally been recognized and classified as genocide by the administration, though not without pressure from Congress after a long and notable silence on the the issue.

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