Kid’s art reveals Dad’s enormous bald head

Children’s art sometimes reveal interesting things about their outlook on life, family and significant events. Our kids have been on an artistic binge of sorts, coloring up a storm. Here are a few my daughter, 7 years old, recently drew. See if you can discern a pattern.

Above is her self-portrait. Kids’ drawings of themselves are usually more detailed and colorful because they have a fairly developed self-image. (Although I’m not so sure if she didn’t give herself a soul patch).

This is her brother, age 9, who is depicted here as a prince. Note the jester-like costume and multi-colored fabric scheme.

This is Mom, and although there is a definite Picasso-life feel to this image, Mom is given most facial features and clothing. All these were drawn on the same day, including the following of dear old Dad, yours truly:


Note here that there has been a definite break in the pattern, a veritable u-turn of graphic depiction. While she and other family members were given care and attention, her image of Dad is austere, to say the least. Enormous, bald head. Beady eyes. Thin red line for a mouth. Talk about grim. Even my low-ride shorts aren’t given a complete color treatment.

Ah, well…

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