How to Observe an Inconvenient Tortilla

Happy belated Tortilla Day to you!

February 24, it appears, is national Tortilla Chip day. Given the limited availability of days in relation to the limit-less interests to promote on them, it is also national Inconvenience Yourself day. Explanations for the latter make it seem as thought it might be better deemed “Random Act of Kindness Day,” but truth in advertising militates for inconvenience for its own sake.out to lunch

Because there is no indication about how to properly apportion the day between chips and inconvenience, it seems best to combine them and observe both by inconveniencing yourself about tortilla chips.

Tortilla chip convenience would be picking up a bag from the gas station or market on the way home. To observe Inconvenient Tortilla day, then, one might instead make tortilla chips at home, from scratch, using non-GMO and free-range corn, or individually wrap each tortilla in plastic bags, then scatter them throughout the house for later, inconvenient, consumption.


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