How do you read the Proverbs?

A great aunt (she was to be sure, “great,” but here I mean my grandfather’s sister) once told me that God put thirty-one chapters of Proverbs in the Bible so that there would be one to read every day of the month.

I had no heart — even in my impudent teen years — to suggest that God thought the last three Proverbs less important, since the varying number of days in each month meant that they would be read less often that the others on such a cycle. Besides, her Bible was definitely in excess of ten pounds, and would have stung smartly when struck against the side of my head.

Even so, great-aunt’s exhortation has remained with me, and I have attempted sporadically to take her advice and read one chapter of Proverbs each day.

The problem that I find is that the subject matter in each chapter can be quite diverse. I have attempted over the years to arrive at a rotation allowing me to read portions of the day’s chapter arranged by subject or theme, but to no avail.

What do you do? If you read out of Proverbs each day, is it the whole chapter, or a portion?

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