The object of God’s work of regeneration is…that our lives might demonstrate to others a harmony and accord between God’s righteousness and our obedience, and that we might thus confirm that he has made us his children by adoption.

A Guide to Christian Living (Carlisle PA: Banner of Truth, 2009), 1

The church has no meaning apart from Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

The church has no might apart from the Holy Spirit of God.

The church has no message apart from the Gospel of God.

And the church has no means to rightly discern how its meaning, might, and message drive its mission apart from the Word of God

Rob Faircloth

“He’s a slice of bacon in funky trousers…”

So said one member of a knife-throwing, fire-wielding, stun-gun-juggling act about another member’s thinness, which was much appreciated, given the nature of their repertoire.