True Sexual Morality: Recovering Biblical Standards for a Culture in Crisis (Wheaton IL: Crossway, 2004)

When Daniel R. Heimbach deemed in 20014 that culture was in sexual “crisis,” he had no idea…

But perhaps he did, because Heimbach anticipated “seismic shifts” in the sexual landscape, even including a subsection entitled “Something Enormous is Coming.”

Heimbach’s main thesis is that the ongoing sexual revolution — having actually picked up pace since the 60s and 70s — is the product of sexual paganism, the age-old counterfeit of biblical sexual morality. When the church understands this, according to Heimbach, it can more accurately and prophetically speak biblical truth to cultural power.

Some might think it radical to attribute contemporary debates about “gender dysphoria” and gender self-identification to the concerted efforts of pagan sex worship. Yet one must identify in current cultural trends the unyielding adherence to a sexual “freedom” that not only insists on its own rights, but also seeks to silence the only other sexual voice in the history of man: God’s.

Heimbach sounds the alarm for churches to be aware that those who advocate for the pagan sexuality are now speaking from platforms within the Christian church, bearing the ostensible authority of Scripture and the church and actually claiming for themselves the “Christian” viewpoint.

He rightly demonstrates that the danger posed by the new sexual paganism has been foreseen by such Christian thinkers as Abraham Kuyper, C.S. Lewis, Francis Schaeffer, and Carl F.H. Henry.

But True Sexual Morality is not merely a polemic against the effects of sexual paganism, but is also a good summary of the biblical sexual ethic, and how the church should not permit the enjoyment of sexual relations within the proper confines of marriage to be co-opted by the world.

Heimbach then compares the biblical sexual ethic to the counterfeits put forward by the world:

  • Romantic Sexual Morality (sex as affection)
  • Playboy Sexual Morality (sex as pleasure)
  • Therapeutic Sexual Morality (sex as wholeness) and
  • Pagan Sexual Morality (sex as spiritual life).

Included in the book are various statements of biblical sexual morality, man & woman, gender, and other related matters.

True Sexual Morality is a good resource for the pastor, preacher, church leader, and anyone who desires an understanding of “What is Going On?” (the title of Chapter 16) and how to minister in the context of current issues.

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