One Nation Under God: A Christian Hope for American Politics (Nashville TN: Broadman & Holman, 2015)

One weakness of the approach many Christians take to involvement in politics, and what position to take on various issues, is failing to think according to principles of government provided for us in the Bible.

This weakness manifests itself in simple position checklists, which lends itself to the culture’s characterization of Christians as bloc, single-issue, litmus test, or fundamentalist voters.

Ashford and Pappalardo correct this imbalance, taking great care to explain the biblical principles Christians should consider as we think through the degree to which we will involve ourselves in politics, and the conclusions we will reach on various controversial issues.

Abraham Kuyper’s “sphere sovereignty” plays a crucial role in their analysis, affirming that the government has a role and the church has a role. This is quite helpful to the Christian, although Ashford and Pappalardo don’t address the distinction between the role of government and the individual.

The reader is also provided examples of how others have applied biblical principles well in various circumstances to various issues.

One Nation Under God is a good resource for thoughtful Christian involvement in the public square.

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