From the Mouth of God: Trusting, Reading, and Applying the Bible (East Peoria IL: Versa Press, 2014)

As the subtitle suggests, Sinclair Ferguson here gives a three-part encouragement for Christians to follow Christ by knowing and obeying the Bible.

In Part One, Ferguson gives an explanation of how one can know that the Bible’s writings are God’s revelation, and not merely the product of human imaginings. He also demonstrates why the Bible consists of the books it does, and not other writings.

In Part Two, Ferguson gives instructions for reading and understanding the Bible, demonstrating improper methods of interpretation with examples of “lame interpretation.” Ferguson suggests several “Keys” to keep in mind while reading Scripture: Context, Jesus, The Unfolding Drama, Biblical Logic, and Literary Character.

Readers might recognize in Ferguson’s “Keys” elements of the redemptive-historical method and the analogy of faith.

In Part Three, Ferguson frames the challenge of applying the Bible in terms of 2 Timothy 3:16-17, which says that the Bible is profitable for Teaching, for Rebuke, for Correction, and for Training in Righteousness. The Bible reader or hearer should consistently recognize in the Bible’s instruction one of those elements and ask himself How am I being Taught, Rebuked, Corrected, or Trained in this passage?

Ferguson includes in this final section his practical suggestions for developing consistent habits of Bible reading and application, and suggests other resources, as well.

From the Mouth of God is written as a help for “ordinary Christians,” and is a good summary of the subject matter. If you were to only have one such summary, there are others I would rather you have, but Ferguson’s book is useful for review and reinforcement of good Bible-reading practices.


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