Defending Your Faith: An Introduction to Apologetics (Wheaton IL: Crossway, 2003)

Whether you are new to the concept of apologetics (giving reasons for the Christian faith) or could use a refresher, R. C. Sproul’s book Defending Your Faith will answer both needs well. Sproul says,

In other words, apologetics can be used to show that Christianity is true and that all non-Christian worldviews are false. … Sadly, in our day many Christians argue that we ought not to be engaged in attempts to “prove” the truth claims of Christianity, that faith and proof are incompatible. … The church is up against not mere ignorance but biased enmity (Rom. 8:7). Only the Spirit can overcome this enmity, but the Spirit never asks people to believe what is absurd or irrational. … Proof is objective and persuasion is subjective. People who are hostile to certain ideas may have those ideas proven to them, but in their bias they refuse to be persuaded — even by the soundest of arguments. (pp 16-18)

Sproul teaches from the classical apologetic approach, which includes giving reasons for the existence of God, rather than starting with the presumption or assumption that God exists (“presuppositional apologetics). Sproul also includes in this treatment how we know — epistemology — and addresses the arguments against knowledge in philosophy.

After addressing the arguments for God’s existence, the criticisms of those arguments, and the arguments against God’s existence, Sproul addresses how we proceed from the notion of God to the notion of the God of the Bible.

Sproul gives good instruction here for how to establish the authority of the Bible without relying upon “circular reasoning.”

Worth reading for the adept or novice apologist.

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