Anchored in Grace: Fixed Points for Humble Faith (Cruciform Press, 2015)

Derek W.H. Thomas says this book is “essential reading” for anyone “determined to grow in grace.”

Part of the growth in grace that every believer should desire is to more completely understand the redemption that God has provided. Jeremy Walker approaches the topic of salvation, from start to finish, by asking and answering Who Needs to Be Saved? On What Basis are We Saved? How is Salvation Accomplished? How Do We Come to Possess the Blessings of Salvation? and How Do We Remain in Christ to the End?

Walker himself says that the truths upon which the answers to these questions rest “provide us with a stunning display of grace,” and are “truths with which Christians need to be thoroughly acquainted, truths with which pastors must thoroughly acquaint the people whom they serve.”

The truth regarding our salvation should lead us humility regarding ourselves and lead us to praise regarding God’s grace.

Definitely worth reading for personal introduction or refresher regarding the doctrines of grace, or for discussion in small groups or Sunday schools.

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