Al Mohler beats me to the punch…again

I had pre-ordered the book. I was waiting for the UPS man when he delivered it to my door. I read it as fast as I could.

I wrote my review and then happened to scan the Twitter log and found that Southern Seminary President Al Mohler had written my review before me.

If I were in the company of Rob Bell, whose book Love Wins I was on the verge of reviewing, I would say that Dr. Mohler had thrown off the shackles of the hell of his own creation and was experiencing heaven here, heaven now, and that I would not be true to the heaven God created for me if I were to resent Dr. Mohler’s swifter pen.

But I am not.

So, all I can say is that Dr. Mohler gets advance copies, reads quicker, writes better, and, oh yeah, is a whole lot smarter than I.

So quit wasting time and read his review.

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