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I’m a pastor and writer trying to help disciples think well in every aspect of life so that they may please the Lord in marriage, family, work, church, and culture.

Writing improves thinking, so I write in a variety of areas to think better in various areas. My hope is that you’ll benefit, as well.

At robfaircloth.com you’ll read about things that are common to us all as humans, and about things common to followers of Jesus Christ. Think through social, political and cultural matters in a godly way, and find ways to act justly in them. Or become conversant with how Christians (at least one of them) think about these things.

Get some tips to make daily life more satisfying and productive, and how to see the world around us through the lens of God’s wisdom.

Laugh occasionally as you stumble on some grounds for a chuckle or two in Faircloth-style humor — vintage and new — that I call Out to Lunch.

You’ll see hints of all these here.

I usually post main articles on Tuesdays and Wednesdays on subjects such as church, politics, and culture. Fridays are for flashbacks and for fun, so previous articles published in print, and Out to Lunch material, will appear on those days. There might also be some verse scattered around, as well as other tidbits. If you don’t want to miss any posts, sign up for regular updates by email.

Rob Faircloth


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