Yard Work Not for the Faint at Heart

Out to Lunch


It begins in March. Otherwise manly men are reduced to humiliated husks of their former selves, sniveling and cowering before the hideous ogre that beats them down in May, makes them whine for mother in July, and by September has them eating quiche and putting the toilet seat down. It rears its ugly head seeking […]

politics according to the bible

Politics According to the Bible

Christians should be familiar with the biblical view of the role of government before deciding specific issues such as who should be president, or what immigration policy should be. Wayne Grudem provides help in understanding the theology of government as well as information on a host of issues that face the Christian citizen and voter.

Shedding One Shackles Prepares Us for Another


People sometimes speak of “throwing off the shackles” of whatever has previously bound them. When the shackles are alcoholism, drug abuse or government oppressors we know what it means to throw them off. Yet occasionally men talk of escaping the clutches of Christianity or ‘religion’ that has previously been a philosophical or moral oppressor. Throwing […]



Christian communicators must consider how to arrange and articulate these great offers to apply their force frontally at the culture’s “pressure points.” There are sore spots, as it were, where people who don’t believe in Christianity or God feel pinched, like feet in a pair of shoes that are too small, by their view of the world.

Tim Keller takes great care in Preaching: Communicating Faith in an Age of Skepticism to demonstrate how communicating the faith is not only for the preacher, but for every believer. Keller provides good insights how to recognize and speak to the world’s “pressure points” with the gospel.

Jesus said that the world would target his followers: we should ask whether we are targeted because of our holiness, or because of our crankiness.

Biblical Obituaries


One of the most popular sections in the newspaper is the obituaries. More compelling than the economic news, crime report, comics or even advice columns, most readers want to know who died. Perhaps this is due to an obsession with our own mortality: as long as the deceased were older that we are, we feel […]